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  • Hello World.

    Welcome to Terra Firma Pictures. We represent a diverse list of award-winning directors, handpicked to represent a spectrum of styles and aesthetics. Bringing personality and flair to their work, each individual director is proven across a range of creative disciplines, including direction for Cinematics, Character Animation, Experiential and live-action mediums. Thanks for stopping by!

    384 days ago
  • Uprising

    Congratulations to Ben Hansford on the release and reception of his short film "Uprising". Gaming nerd Bernie Meckler is having the worst day of his life. He’s failed to woo his secret love, his roomies begun an online tourney without him, and -- oh yeah -- the robot apocalypse has just begun. Now Bernie must survive hordes of Hellbots, driverless Priuses -- to save the world.Watch Uprising

    385 days ago
  • Neymar Jr and the line of the kings

    STIP shares his experience directing the title sequence for DAZN documentary Neymar Jr and the line of the kings. In this intimate and highly emotional film, Neymar Jr opens up about what it is like to be the latest in Brazil’s dynasty of truly great football players.

    387 days ago
  • Welcome Ben Hansford

    Terra Firma Pictures is delighted to welcome director Ben Hansford to its roster. Ben is an award-winning director born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised on a steady diet of film, fine arts, music, and Dungeons & Dragons. Coming up through animation & design, Ben’s speciality is integrating visual effects, comedy and performance.

    386 days ago
  • Welcome Richard Payne

    Terra Firma Pictures is delighted to welcome director Richard Payne to its roster. Renowned for high-energy animation and dark cinematic visuals, Richard brings a unique edge to game cinematics, short films, commercials, and music videos. To find out more, click the arrow below.

    42 days ago