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David Adam Roth

Cinematics         + Live Action


Residing in sunny Southern California, David Adam Roth is a multi-disciplined director who exudes a passion for emotional storytelling and worldbuilding. A graduate of USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts, he currently sits on the Showrunner helm at Cloud Imperium Games. His impressive body of work includes directing stints at Riot Games, Midnight Bloom, and Boxer Films and has directed work for the United Nations, Audi, Expedia, Nissan, and Walgreens, amongst others.David continues to hone his craft by drawing from unique perspectives while pushing the use of compelling narratives through painstaking attention to detail, empathy, and design. Favouring character-driven, poignant filmmaking, David makes use of his background in directing actors, live-action, and motion capture to elicit emotion and texture to his pursuits.